For the Love of Adventure!

I grew up in a rural community on a farm house. By the time I was born, my family no longer farmed but most of the community did. It was normal to be expected to play outside and come up with your own adventures. Whether that adventure was playing along the small/shallow creek and pretending it was a category 4 or 5 rapid or running through the fields pretending you were in the amazon jungle, you always knew how to create your own fun. I imagine that growing up in a city is very similar in that you find ways to be creative. It’s a desire that’s in everyone. It’s a drive to imagine something that may not exist at least at the moment right in front of you. It’s a desire for adventure.

So what do I mean by adventure? I mean anytime you consciously decide to embark on a fun experience. Fun is 100% a decision. You can decide that the most mundane task is fun. You can turn absolutely anything into an adventure IF and only if your heart decides it’s true. The reason more things aren’t fun in life though is that it takes effort to have fun and go on adventures. They can be tiring as much as they can be rewarding. Let’s think about an adventure in the traditional sense.

In the traditional sense, adventure might mean hiking up a 14,000 foot mountain to reach the top. It might mean taking a weekend vacation to a different city to run a tough mudder. It might mean biking across the country with complete strangers just to say you’ve done it. All of these and most likely many examples of “adventure” that come into your mind entail an extraordinary amount of effort in order to accomplish them. The reason we do them though is that the journey and the reward of the finish and the memories we create are something we share for years and years to come. Why do we hold on to special adventures though? Why don’t you constantly view every moment of life as an opportunity to start a new memorable adventure?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you must be excited for everything you do. I too find it hard to sometimes motivate myself to do the dishes at the end of the day or take out the trash. But what about the things that include other people? Whether it’s work, friends, family, church, whatever! Why don’t we always make adventures out of those opportunities? Think about the people you admire (or secretly are annoyed by) most. Chances are they are incredibly charismatic and everyone “Loves them”. Chances are they view life and every moment of life as an opportunity to have an adventure. They LOVE exploring life just like a child does! Everything remains new to them because there is always something new to learn. A new turn to take, a new path to walk, a new adventure just waiting.

Though my experiences and lessons I’ve learned, one of the easiest I’ve come to grasp is that all of life can be a wonderful adventure if you choose for it to be. Getting out and driving across the US gives you a small glimpse into just how large and amazing adventures can be. It doesn’t take driving the whole US though. Even in the city I know live, I’ve found adventures everywhere I look. The moment you think an adventure doesn’t exist, is the moment you just quite trying. So what adventure is awaiting you today? It’s time to go out and have some fun for the Love of Adventure!

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