About Us*

I’m not a writer. I’m not a designer. I’m not a lot of things. But I am someone who is passionate about Airstream. I haven’t always been though. My silver longing started about 3 years ago when I had the pleasure of meeting and starting a successful relationship with Airstream’s marketing department. That right there may turn you off from reading any further as to think my goal here is to sell you an Airstream. If it does, it may be your loss or you may have just saved yourself minutes or hours of lost life (after all I would actually rather you spend your time exploring than reading about it, and remember I did state at the start that I’m not a writer).

Anyway, my love for Airstream quickly grew to a point where I knew I had to have one. I love exploring. I love meeting new people. Seeing new places. Eating new foods. Challenging myself to go beyond my comfort bubble. That to me, is what Airstream represents. An opportunity. And that’s exactly what I hope you take away from any article you may read here. A desire. A hope. A prick in the side that says – Go. Do that “thing” you’ve always been wanting to. Say that “thing” to that person you’ve been to scared to. You can be that person. If you want to. This is the story of how I met Peat and the adventures we take and the lesson’s I’ve learned through that process. It’s about the people, the places, the adventures, and best of all – the impact we make and that others have made on me.